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Single Use Restricted PS5 (What It Means EXACTLY Before You Buy)

PS5 single use restricted: What does it mean? Why are you seeing the single use restricted PS5 for sale on Walmart website? This is what I am going to discuss in this article.

If you are confused or wondering what is the meaning of Single Use Restricted PS5 on Walmart? Then, you are on the right page.

So, without any further ado – let’s dive right in!

What does Single Use Restricted PS5 Mean?

When you see single use restricted tag attached to PS5 on Walmart, what is simply means is that you can only buy one unit per account.

single use restricted ps5

In other words, when you try to purchase the PlayStation 5 (PS5) on Walmart, a private link will be sent to you by Walmart which you can use to purchase the PS5 when your order gets canceled or when the order shows as out of stock.

This is quite different from the normal way to order on Walmart where you have to add the product to cart first, then proceed to checkout.

If you are wondering why this is so, read on.

Why is Walmart Selling Single Use Restricted PS5?

Like I said earlier, you will normally add it to your cart. If it’s available, you will be able to proceed to checkout. Otherwise, you cannot.

With the introduction of the Single Use Restricted PS5, these means that real humans are given a good chance to be able to purchase  the PlayStation 5 due to the very high demand.

This is done to restrict several resellers using bots who purchase the PS5 console immediately on Walmart in bulk only to resell it for higher prices on other ecommerce websites like ebay. 

Since these resellers use bots, it’s almost impossible for genuine humans to purchase the console before the bots clear them out of stock.

Through the Single use restricted method, Walmart is able to use private links to restrict each account to purchase only a single unit of the PlayStation 5 to curb such bot activities.

As you can see below, I got a mail saying that the cart has been reserved and I can order when I am ready.

cart reserved

And once I click on View cart, it takes me to the checkout page.

order ps5 walmart

And there you go.

Is the Single Use Restricted PS5 Different from the normal PS5?

The single use restricted PS5 is just like every other normal console. The ‘single use restricted’ tag does not in any way affect the functionalities, neither does it mean you can only use it once or anything (yeah, lol, that’ll be quite absurd right?)

FAQS on Single Use Restricted PS5

Can I order more than one PS5 on Walmart?

No, you cannot order more than on PS5 with the introduction of the single use restricted tag. If your order is cancelled or is out of order, you get a private link to purchase it just once.

I keep getting 'Please try again in a moment' when I order PS5, why?

This error is due to the high demand for the PlayStation 5 (PS5) console. Therefore, the error might be due to PS5 console being out of stock. If you try to add it and it's not getting added to your cart, then you have to keep trying again so you can purchase it once it's in stock.

Why is the price of PS5 higher than retail price on Walmart?

The price is high because of the very high demand for the PS5 console with little supply that can't meet the demand. Therefore, some people are willing to pay a price higher than the retail price - ECO101.

So, there you have it.

The Single Use Restricted PS5 is to help give genuine human buyers to stand a chance to purchase the console and restrict resellers who use bots from automatically buying it in bulk only to sell it at very much higher price on other ecommerce websites. 

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