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PS5 Stuck in Safe Mode Option 8 or 7? I FIXED IT! (2024)

Have you ever turned on your PS5 only to find it stuck in Safe Mode with only option 8 or option 7 (reset PS5) available while other options (1-6) are greyed out? Then, you are not alone. 

ps5 stuck in safe mode

Of course, you don’t want to reset your PS5 because you might lose all your games and data unless you have saved it on cloud storage. 

In this guide, I am going to show you a quick step-by-step process to fix a PS5 that is stuck in safe mode with only option 8 or option 7 available, without losing data. 

Without any further ado, let’s dive right in!

PS5 Stuck in Safe Mode

Follow the step-by-step procedures below to fix a PS5 that is stuck in safe mode with only option 8 or option 7 available (while other options greyed out):

1. Restart PS5 Console

If your PS5 is stuck in safe mode with only option 8 or option 7, the first thing you need to do is to actually restart the console back into safe mode. 

The only difference is that this time around, all other options will be available (after which I will show you what to do next). 

That said, here’s how to restart your console into safe mode:

  • On your PS5 console, press and hold the power button until you hear two beeps. Your console will start beeping when it turns on and stop beeping when it turns off.

restart ps5 console

  • After the second beep, let go of the power button and wait a few seconds.
  • Next, connect your controller to your console via USB cable 

plug dual sense controller into PS5 console via usb port

  • Once your console has restarted, it should now go back into safe mode with all other options available. 

restart ps5 in safe mode

  • Then, go ahead and restart the console, and you should be out of safe mode. 

2. Reconnect PS5 Controller

If you’ve got a PS5 stuck in Safe Mode option 8 or option 7, the issue might be that your PS5 controller is not properly connected to the console.

You can try disconnecting and reconnecting the controller to see if that solves the issue.

To begin, completely shut off your PS5 system. After that, turn on your console by pressing the power button while removing the USB cable from your controller.

Now, wait for the Safe Mode menu to appear after the console has fully booted up.

connect ps5 controller

After that, reconnect your controller’s USB cable, and wait for the console to recognize it.

Once you plug in the controller, try using it to navigate the Safe Mode menu again (make sure you use the navigation buttons and not the left analog). 

This time, you should be able to navigate the menu if the controller is correctly recognized.

3. Restore PS5 to Default Settings

If reconnecting your PS5 controller does not fix the issue, then you need to restore the PS5 to default settings in safe mode. 

To restore your PS5 console to default settings, follow these steps:

First, you need to go back into the safe mode menu. 

  • To do that, press and hold the power button until you hear two beeps about 7 seconds later
  • The next thing you should do is connect your controller to the PS5 using its wired connection since the console is already stuck in Safe Mode. This is a crucial step because a wirelessly linked controller cannot control the Safe Mode menu.

connect ps5 controller

  • Select “Option 4: Restore Default Settings” from the Safe Mode menu using the navigation keys on your controller. 

restore default settings ps5

  • Follow the on-screen prompts and start the restoration process.
  • Your PS5 system will restart after the restoration process is completed.

If this fixes the issue for you, great!

Otherwise, if you see the error message “Something went wrong” then move to the next step. 

4. Clear System Cache

Clearing the system cache is another way to fix the PS5 stuck in Safe Mode problem.

The system cache is a temporary storage area that contains files and data related to your PS5.

Clearing the cache can fix any corrupted or out-of-date data that might be the root of the Safe Mode issue.

To clear the system cache from Safe Mode, follow these steps:

  • Still on the safe mode menu, choose “Option 5: Clear Cache and Rebuild Database

clear cache and rebuild database on PS5

  • Choose “Clear System Software Cache”, then click “OK” to begin the procedure. Depending on the volume of data kept on your console, this could take some time. 
  • Your PS5 console will restart after the procedure is finished, at which point it should now be out of safe mode

If clearing system cache doesn’t work for you and you see “something went wrong” error again, then you need to rebuild the console’s database. 

5. Rebuild Database

If the previous solutions didn’t work, rebuilding your PS5’s database is another potential fix for the Safe Mode issue. 

  • Again, select “Option 5: Clear Cache and Rebuild Database” from the Safe Mode menu using your controller.

clear cache and rebuild database on PS5

  • In this case, select the “Rebuild Database” option on your screen and confirm your selection. Wait for some time until your PS5 restarts. Once done, you’ll be able to access it normally.

rebuild database

Once done, your PS5 should no longer be stuck on PS5 safe mode. Otherwise, try updating the PS5 system software. 

6. Update PS5 System Software

Updating your PS5 system software can help fix the issue by resolving any potential software bugs that might be causing the problem. 

To update your PS5 system software from Safe Mode, follow these steps:

  • Use the controller to select “Option 3: Update System Software” from the Safe Mode menu.

update ps5 in safe mode

  • Then select whether you want to update your PS5 from a USB drive or use the internet.

software update options

  • Once you select an option, follow the on-screen prompts to install system software updates.

NOTE: To update your PS5 system software from a USB drive, follow the procedures below:

First, you will need a PC connected to the internet and a FAT 32 USB storage device with at least 460 MB of free space.

  • On the PC, create a folder named “PS5” inside the USB drive.
  • Inside that folder, create another folder named “UPDATE”.
  • Now, visit the PS5 system software update page and select the “Update system software” section.

download ps5 software

Hence, the path should be “PS5 > UPDATE > PS5UPDATE.PUP”.

  • Now, select “Update from USB drive” from the safe mode menu. 
  • Once the updates have been installed, your PS5 will restart and should safely exit Safe Mode

If the issue is still not fixed or you are looking for a way to get PS5 out of safe mode without USB, then you need to reset your console to factory settings. 

7. Factory Reset PS5

If all else fails, resetting your PS5 console from Safe Mode may be the last resort to fix a PS5 stuck in Safe Mode menu.

Resetting the console will erase all of your data and settings, but you can restore the ones that have been saved on cloud storage

I know it sucks, but this is most likely going to fix the issue for you (at least it did for me).

  • To reset your PS5, select the “Option 6: Reset PS5” option from the Safe Mode menu. Confirm your selection and follow the on-screen prompts to start the reset.

reset ps5 in safe mode

Once the reset is complete, your PS5 console will restart and it will no longer be stuck in safe mode. 

Bottom Line

If your PS5 is stuck in safe mode with only option 8 or 7 available (other options greyed out), it could be caused by a number of things. 

From what I saw during research, it seems the issue happens often when the PS5 is left in rest mode  instead of turning it off completely (which reminds me of the green screen of death issue).

Therefore, you might want to be wary of leaving your console in rest mode.

As explained in this troubleshooting guide, there are a couple of ways to fix it.

  • Restart your console
  • Reconnect the controller
  • Restore PS5 to default settings
  • Clear system cache
  • Rebuild database
  • Update system software
  • Reset to factory settings

Which of these methods helped you get your PS5 out of safe mode? Let me know in the comment section below. 

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