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Can You Charge PS5 Controller from Wall Outlet? (Yes, BUT!)

If you are wondering if you can charge your PS5 controller from the wall outlet with a phone charger, then you will find the answer you are looking for on this page.

can you charge ps5 controller from wall

I will give you a short but concise answer that answers your question and every other question surrounding the query like:

  • What rating of charger to use, and if you can use a charger with higher or low output voltage/current
  • What to do if your controller won’t charge
  • If you can use USB type-C to type C
  • If you can use fast chargers to charge your controller
  • If you can use power banks to charge your controller

And many more.

So, without any further ado, let’s quickly answer the main question.

Can You Charge PS5 Controller from Wall Outlet?

Yes, you can charge your PS5 controller from a wall outlet using a wall charger. However, you need a charger with output of 5V and at least 1.5A for the console to be charged and to avoid damaging the console’s battery from too much power input. 

If you check the back of your PS5 DualSense controller, you will see the input voltage and current recommended to charge the controller – 5V and 1.5A (that is a power rating of 7.5W).

charge rating behind PS5 controller

If you use a wall charger with an output voltage lower than 5V, there is a good chance that the controller won’t charge. On the other hand, using a charger with output voltage more than 5V, it may damage your controller’s battery eventually. As for the amperage rating, the charger must match or be slightly greater than the current rating – 1.5A.

Therefore, you want a charger that is compatible with your controller.

Can You Charge PS5 Controller with Phone Charger?

Short answer – Yes you can charger your PS5 DualSense controller with a phone charger. 

Now, if you understand how chargers work, you might know that even chargers that use new Qualcomm technology with higher output voltage (9V or 12V) often also support the low 5V output voltage, and can automatically adjust to 5V when they detect devices that do not support the newer technology.

use a 5V 2A phone charger for PS5 controller

However, the best choice is still to use a wall charger with 5V and at least 1.5A (the output current must match or be greater than the amperage rating on the controller.

The amperage rating of a charge is the maximum current it can supply, and the device being charged will only take as much amperage as it requires. Hence, if your charger is rated 2A and your controller only needs 1.5A, only 1.5A will be used by the controller.

Now that we have that sorted out, what can you do if you try to charge your PS5 controller from wall but it won’t charge?

How to Fix PS5 Controller Not Charging From Wall Outlet

Like I mentioned earlier, you can charge your PS5 controllers from wall outlet using wall chargers. However, if your controller isn’t showing the pulsing orange color, then it’s not charging. Below are things you can do to fix it:

1. Check the Wall Outlet

The first thing to check if your PS5 controller won’t charge from the wall outlet is check and make sure that the power outlet is working. Of course, you can do this by plugging another device into the outlet and check if it works.

check wall outlet

If it doesn’t, simply switch to another wall outlet that is not faulty. If that doesn’t work, then you need to check the charger itself.

2. Check the Rating of Charger

I have explained this before in the previous section, so there isn’t anything new to say here.

To charge your PS5 controller from the wall outlet, you need a wall charger with output voltage of 5V and output current at least 1.5A. You can use a charger with higher output current, but it’s not recommended to use a charger with a voltage that’s higher or lower than the required amount.

Even though most fast chargers with output voltage of 9-12V can adjust to 5V, it may still damage your controller’s battery in the long run. Therefore, avoiding using these fast chargers and just get one with the standard rating.

3. Charge the Controller from the Console

If you still can’t get your controller to charge from the console for whatever reason, then you should consider just charging the controllers directly from the console instead.

The console has a USB type-A port and comes with a USB type-A to USB type-C cable. Plug the USB-A end into the console’s port and plug the type-C end into the controller and the controller will start charging. You will know that the controller is charger when you see a blinking orange light around the touchpad of the controller.

4. Get the Sony DualSense Charging Station

Using Sony’s DualSense charging station is the best option to charge your controller, other than the default USB method directly into your controller. If you have more than one controller, you can charge both at once).

You don’t have to worry about charger’s rating, charging cable, wall outlet or other things since the charging dock was build to match the exact charging requirement for the controller. The controller simply sits on the charging station and it charges the way it should.

DualSense controller charging station

If for some reasons, you want to be able to charge your controller without using the PS5 console directly or without the charging station in some instances, then there’s only one thing left to try.

5. Use a Compatible Power Bank

If you don’t want to charge your controller directly from the console (probably because of the location of your console or wiring), or you don’t want to use the charging station (maybe because you don’t have one or you want to be able to use your controller while charging it which the station won’t offer you), then you can simply use a compatible power bank to charge your controller.

That said, the keyword here is ‘compatible’. Put simply, the output power (voltage and current) of the power bank must match that of the controller. In other words, the power bank must be 5V and at least 1.5A.

You may find some power banks like the Anker Power Core having more than one port with different output voltage, usually one for fast charging (high output voltage up to 12V) and the other one for standard charging (5V output voltage).

In fact, a user on Reddit reported that only one of the charging ports on one Anker Power Core charged the PlayStation 5 controller. That makes sense now, doesn’t it?

By the way, you can always get an extra controller so you can charge one while using the other.

Now, let’s take a look at some of the frequently asked questions relating to charging your PS5 controllers from the wall outlet. 

Do PS5 Controllers Come with Charger?

No, the PlayStation 5 console does not come with a charger to charge your controller. Instead, the default way to charge your controller from the box is to plug it directly into the console.

Do PS5 Controllers Come with a Cable?

Yes, PS5 controllers come with a charging cable. When you purchase a PlayStation 5 console, the package includes a USB Type-C to Type A charging cable for the DualSense wireless controller among other things.

How Long Does It Take PS5 Controller to be Fully Charged?

It takes approximately three hours for your controller to be fully charged whether you are charging from the console or the charging station/dock. If you charge your controller using a wall charger, it should take the same duration for it to be fully charged provided the charger supplies the standard power required to charge the controller.

Can I Overcharge a PS5 Controller?

Technically, you cannot ‘overcharge’ your PS5 controller, just like you cannot overcharge your phone and most electronic devices. The controller uses a Lithium-ion rechargeable battery and like most batteries like this, it is built in a way to simply stop taking on more power once it reaches a certain threshold level.

Can You Use USB Type C to Type C Charger?

Yes, you can use a USB-C to USB-cable charging cable to charge your controller. If you have a charging brick that has a type-C port and a type-C to type-C cable, you can use it.

However, most charging bricks that have USB-C ports are chargers which support fast charging and hence may have output voltage greater than 5V. In such case, it is not recommended. Otherwise, feel free to use them.

That is all for now. If you found the content helpful, kindly share with others. Also, if you still have any more question, feel free to use the comment section below. 

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