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Instagram Music Not Working in 2024 (Do This FIRST To Fix)

Are you experiencing issues with your Instagram in which the Instagram story music feature is not working and you are wondering why? Is the Instagram story music sticker not showing? Or when you search for songs, it shows no result found? Or even maybe you are getting the error “Instagram Music Not Working In My Region”.

Whatever issues it is that you are currently experiencing and as a result, can’t to add music to your Instagram story is not new.

In this guide, I am going to show you why your Instagram story music is not working. More importantly, I will show you quick ways to fix the issue once and for all in no time!

how to fix instagram story music not working

NOTE: I have divided this guide into 3 sections each fixing a type of problem different Instagram users have come across while using the Instagram story music feature.

  1. Instagram music sticker not showing at all
  2. “No result found” in Instagram music search/Instagram not showing all songs
  3. Instagram Music not working in my region

I will show you how to fix these issues, one after the other, in that particular order.

So, if that gets you excited, let’s begin right away!

NOTE: Click on the links in the table of content below to jump straight to any section of the article that you are interested in.

Instagram Story Music Not Working

If your Instagram story music is not working, it can be due to an outdated app, profile mode, chosen audio source, region restriction or wrong method of use. You can fix it by updating your app, selecting a valid audio and adding the audio to your Instagram story appropriately.

How to Fix Instagram Story Music Sticker Not Showing

FIX 1: Be sure the music sticker is really not showing

First, you want to be sure that you are checking the right place for the Instagram music feature.

Therefore, I will show you how to use and find the Instagram music sticker on your Instagram app.

  • Open your Instagram app and click on the + icon at the top corner of your app. Then click on Story.

add instagram story

  • Select the picture/videos you want to post on your story. Then, click on the Stickers icon/slide up across your screen

click instagram story sticker icon

  • Click on the Music sticker

add instagram story music

  • If you can’d find the sticker, you can try searching for it first

search instagram music sticker

  • You will be able to search for any song to add to you story.

search song for instagram story

If the music sticker is missing after following the procedures above, then move to the next tip below. 

FIX 2: Update Your App

The next thing you want to do is check if your app is up to date.

Unless you have not updated your Instagram app in a really long time, this will probably not be the issue.

Irrespective, it is still worth checking if there is a new update available on Playstore/Applestore for Instagram app on your phone.

check for updates

If so, update your app and check if the feature is available. If your app is the latest version and you still can’t use the Instagram music feature as explained above, then move to the next tip.

FIX 3: Switch Instagram Profile from Business to Personal Mode

If your Instagram music is not working in your business account, switch it to Personal mode.

To check if your Instagram profile is in business mode and change it to personal mode, follow the procedures below:

  • Click on your profile picture icon at the bottom corner to go to your profile page
  • Click on the Profile menu (3 dashes at the top corner on your profile page)

click instagram profile menu

  • Click on the Settings icon

click settings icon

  • Click on Account option

instagram account settings

  • Scroll down and click on Switch Account Type

instagram account type

  • Click on Switch to personal account

switch to personal account

Once you do that, you go ahead and use the music feature in your Instagram story.

How To Fix “No Result Found” in Instagram Story Music Search

If your Instagram music shows, “No result found” when you search for songs or it only shows weird songs, then there is a way to fix that too

FIX: Upload directly from Spotify/SoundCloud/Shazam

You can actually upload any song on your Spotify, SoundCloud, Shazam, Apple Music or any other music streaming app that you use.

To do that on Spotify:

  • Open the song you want to share on your Instagram story
  • Click on the share icon

share spotify song on instagram story

  • Select Instagram

select instagram icon

  • Select Instagram stories

instagram story music share

You can do the same thing with other music streaming apps.

Just find the share button for any song you want to post on your Instagram story, then select Instagram/Instagram story.

How to Fix Instagram Music is not available in your region

Finally, if Instagram music is not available in your region, then there is only one way around it for now.

FIX: Use a good VPN

According to Instagram team, the feature will be rolled out globally with time. The Instagram story music feature was only available in about 8 countries when it was first introduced in 2018. Since then, it has been rolled out in many other countries, and the numbers continue to increase.

So, if your are seeing the message, “Instagram music is not available in your region”, you have to use VPN to change your location and have it enabled until the feature becomes available in your region.

You can also access Instagram via your Chrome browser and use the VPN for Chrome extension. With the extension, you will have be able to access to content restricted from your location easily.

Bottom Line

The Instagram story music feature was introduced in 2018, and was initially made available in few regions. With this feature, you can add music to your Instagram story by tapping on the music sticker which can be found when you try to add a sticker to your photo or video in Stories.

You can search for a specific song by artist name, song title, mood, genre and many more.

If your Instagram story music is not working, you can fix it by:

  • Adding the audio the right way
  • Updating your Android/iOS app
  • Switch Instagram from personal to business mode (or vice versa)
  • Uploading directly from Spotify/Soundcloud/Shazam/Apple music
  • Using a VPN

That is all for now on fixing the issue – Instagram story music not working- If you have any question/feedback, feel free to use the comment section below.

If you found this guide helpful, make sure to share with others by using the share buttons below. Also, I will love to know what your experience is using this feature. 

3 thoughts on “Instagram Music Not Working in 2024 (Do This FIRST To Fix)”

  1. Hi Mike,
    Do you also have a fix when the music clips in Reels are not working?
    I have uploaded several times a video, chose a music clip and add some text, then in the example everything is working. But after it gets published the music does not work.
    What I have done so far:
    – check my other accounts, only finding out that it works on those.
    – chose other music clips, still not working
    – filmed from the insta Reel app directly, still not working.
    – filmed again, still not working
    – latest update of Instagram
    – logged off instagram and signed in again
    – turn off phone, turn it on again
    – deleted the app and install again
    – cleared cache
    – send a report of the bug twice

    I think I have at least uploaded my video 20 times. All with no sound after it gets published.

    If you could provide me with some guidelines to follow, it would be much appreciated, cause I don’t know what to do anymore and I don’t want to close my account 🙁

    • Hi Natasja, I’m sorry to hear about this.

      Honestly, you have done everything I can think of (and maybe even more) as related to fixing the issue with the music clips in reels that you are currently facing.

      Only thing I can think of right now is to try to upload your video again, but this time from a different phone (of course, make sure it’s someone you trust and don’t save your password) and see if it works.

      Other than that, maybe try uploading from browser instead of the app?

      Let me know how it goes, even if you fixed it using another method.


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