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[FIXED] Updated My YouTube App & Can’t Find My Saved Offline Videos

I updated my YouTube app and I can no longer find all my saved offline videos. If you are facing this same issue, you will find a fix to that on this page.

how to recover saved offline videos after youtube update

This topic came to my mind after this exact same thing happened to me days ago.

It was overwhelming when I updated my YouTube app on my Android phone on Playstore to the latest version, only to find out that all my videos are gone.

PS: I had over 3GB of saved offline videos, including 3 complete playlists on HTML, CSS and Javascript tutorials.

I was able to solve the issue, and that’s why I have decided to share it here.

As long as the videos were on your YouTube app before updating it, this guide will totally help you.

How Ho I Get My YouTube Offline Videos Back?

I was very quick to observe that all my saved offline videos were gone.

What I didn’t observe immediately is that I was no longer logged in (my Google account) on the YouTube app, after updating it.

My account had been automatically logged off, and that was why I didn’t find my videos.

If you observe the same thing happened to you, then do this:

  • Click on your YouTube account profile picture at the top right corner of the YouTube Android app
  • Then, sign in with the EXACT Google account you have been using with your YouTube app before.
  • Your saved offline videos should appear immediately once again.

That really worked for me and it should help you recover your saved YouTube offline videos too.

Also, you want to check and make sure that your saved Youtube video files are still on your phone. To do that:

  • Go to “Internal storage >> Android >> data >> com.google.android.youtube >> files >> Offline >> [system generated folder(s)] >> streams”. Repeat the same thing for your SD Card if you have any.
  • Make sure that these files “Streams” folder are not empty.

NOTE: If the files are not there, the method will not work.

If you have any more question, feel free to use the comment section below. Also, don’t forget to use the share buttons below.

3 thoughts on “[FIXED] Updated My YouTube App & Can’t Find My Saved Offline Videos”

  1. I didn’t understand, when I got into the offline folder it shows another 3 folder which named randomly. When I open it, each has 1 folder named stream. And when I open the stream folder it’s just another random folder. And my video still “can’t find the download” 🙁

  2. After Updating YouTube All Offline Videos are gone
    I applied your trick but download videos are not shown
    Please help


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