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Sharp Roku TV Won’t Turn On: I FINALLY FIXED IT! (2024)

If your Sharp Roku TV won’t turn on, then you are on the right page. When this happens, you may also notice the power light blinking. In some other cases, you may see a flickering black screen.

Sharp Roku TV won't turn on

There are various reasons why a Sharp Roku TV won’t turn, and these include having a corrupt cache files or software glitch, faulty power outlet or cable, unresponsive remote controller, faulty HDMI port, damaged HDMI cable and extension, defective TV backlight or hardware issues.

In this guide, I am going to show you how to quickly fix a Sharp Roku TV that is not turning on quickly.

If that sounds like what you are looking for, let’s dive right in!

Sharp Roku TV Won’t Turn On

To fix a Sharp Roku TV that won’t turn on, follow the step-by-step troubleshooting guide below.

1. Power Cycle the TV

Power cycling your TV (also known as a soft reset) is the quickest and one of the most common ways to fix a Sharp Roku TV that won’t turn on.

If you also see a flickering black screen on your Sharp Roku TV, this is also effective in fixing it too.

That said, here’s how to do power cycle your Sharp Roku TV:

  • While your Sharp Roku TV is on, unplug it directly from the power outlet

unplug tv from power outlet

  • Now, press and hold the power button on the TV for 30 seconds. 

press and hold the power button on your TV

  • After that, plug it back into the power outlet
  • Finally, turn it on using the remote controller or the power button on the TV

Now, your Sharp Roku TV should turn on and you are good to go! Otherwise, move to the next fix.

2. Clear Sharp Roku TV Cache

Like I said earlier, a simple software glitch or corrupt cache files on a Sharp Roku TV that cause it not to turn on or be stuck in standby mode with a blinking red light. When that happens, clearing the cache files is a very common way to fix it.

To do this, you need to press a combination of keys on your Sharp Roku TV remote controller while the TV is on with a black screen. As long as the TV is plugged in and you can see the red light, then this combination will work and fix the issue.

That said, here’s how to do clear your Roku TV cache:

  • First, make sure you Sharp Roku TV is turned on
  • Now, press the ‘Home’ button on your TV remote 5 times
  • Next, press the ‘Up arrow’ ⬆️ button on your remote once
  • After that, press the ‘Rewind’ ⏪ button twice
  • Then, press the ‘Fast forward’⏩ buttontwice

Make sure you press the keys in sequence for the process to work.
clear roku tv cache

Wait for a few seconds and your TV should restart and turn on without any black screen. Now, you should be seeing pictures on your Sharp Roku TV. Otherwise, try it a few more times (up to 3 times). I’ve seen users who reported that they had to try the process a number of times before the issue got fixed.

If it fixed the issue for you and your Sharp Roku TV is now on after the first try or a couple of tries, great! Otherwise, let’s continue to the next step.

3. Check the Power Cable & Power Outlet

A faulty power outlet is another reason why you may be seeing a black screen on your Sharp Roku TV and the power light may be bliking. The power outlet may be completely faulty and just not delivering enough power to your Roku TV.

Try plugging in your Sharp Roku TV into another power outlet that you are certain is working. You can of course check that by plugging in another device into the power outlet to check if it works. In addition, you need to check the power cable in case it’s faulty.

It is one thing to have a working functional outlet, it is another thing for the power cable to actually be working.

If you have another power cable, you can switch it to your Roku TV and try to turn it on.

If that fixes the issue, then the power cable is responsible for the black screen on your Sharp Roku TV.

4. Replace Batteries in Remote & Reset It

If you have been using the batteries for quite some time, they are probably weak. In that case, when your Sharp Roku TV is plugged in, it will stay in standby mode and won’t actually turn on when you press the power button on the remote.

In that case, you can try using the power button on your TV instead or just simply change the batteries in the remote controller.

While the batteries are being changed, you also need to reset the remote controller.

Here’s how to reset your Sharp Roku TV remote:

  • Remove the batteries in the remote

replace batteries in Onn Roku TV remote controller

  • With the batteries still removed, press power button for 30 seconds on your remote controller

NOTE: One or more of the keys on your remote may also be stuck. Hence, before you put the batteries back in the steps highlighted above, you can press every button on your remote controller a few times to make any stuck keys set back to their normal place.

  • Put batteries back in (preferably new ones)
  • Finally, use the power button to turn on your TV

press the power button to turn it on

With that, your Sharp Roku TV should turn on and start working.

If that fixes your issue and your TV turns on, good. If it doesn’t, no problem at all. The hard reset which I am about to show you should fix it.

5. Perform a Hard Reset

If your Sharp Roku TV still won’t turn on, then you need to perform a hard/factory reset.

Since you can’t access the settings with the remote controller, the only way to do this is by using the physical reset button on the Sharp Roku TV.

Here’s how to reset your Sharp Roku TV without a remote controller:

  • First, locate the physical reset button on your Sharp Roku TV (at the back or side of the TV, usually close to the HDMI port). You will need a pin or any tiny object to push the button.

press the reset button on Sharp Roku TV

  • Once you locate the reset button, press and hold the button firmly for about 10 seconds while your device is powered on. When it shuts down, keep holding down the reset button until it powers on and shows the Sharp Roku TV logo again. Then, you can release the button
  • When the factory reset is complete, the TV will reboot twice and finally turn on

Now, your Roku device will restart like a brand new one. Go ahead with the activation and configuration. Once done, the black screen issue should be fixed.

6. Check for Defective Backlight

Your Sharp Roku TV could be on, but if the backlight is defective, you will not see any picture at all on the screen. You will basically just have a black screen on your TV even if the red light is blinking.

So, how do you check if the issue is with your TV backlight?

  • First, make sure your TV is plugged into the power outlet
  • Next, point a flashlight to your TV screen (you can also move it around the screen).
  • If your TV backlight is working well, all you should see is the reflection of the flashlight.
  • However, if you can see dull images on the screen while pointing the flashlight, then your TV backlight is defective.

In order words, your Sharp Roku TV is on, but the backlight needed to show images is faulty.

The backlight can be fixed by replacing the led strips on the screen. It’s a quite a tricky process, but you can get the job done with a good tutorial.

remove led backlight strips

The video below will show you a step-by-step procedure of the whole process from start to finish, and is also very easy to follow:

7. Contact Roku Support

The last thing on the list is to contact Sharp Roku support team to help you fix the issue. If you still have warranty, then you should be able to get it fixed at no cost to you.

You can contact Sharp Roku support using their official support line – 1-888-935-8880.

If you found this guide helpful, kindly drop a comment below. Also, let me know which of these methods fixed the issue for you.

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