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HTML Game Code to Make Snake Game In NOTEPAD In 2 mins (2022)

HTML Game code – If you have been looking for the HTML Game code to make Snake Game in notepad easily, then you are on the right page.

html snake game code

In fact, it is so easy to make Snake game in Notepad with just HTML code. You will basically be able to make the game in just 2 minutes.

The best part?

You don’t need any knowledge of coding/programming to do it. Everything has been done for you, including the CSS and JavaScript.

All you need is to copy and paste the HTML game code below and you can start playing for free!

PS: The notepad snake game code PDF is also available at the end of the article for future use.

Sweet right? Let’s start right away.

HTML Game Code to Make Snake Game In Notepad

I have also created a video tutorial if you prefer that, watch it below:

First, copy the code below.

Next, open note pad on your PC and paste the code.

paste code in notepad

Click CTRL + S to save the code.

Under file type, select All file, and save as .html.

NOTE: Whatever name you give to your game, make sure you save as .html.

save as html

Now, you can go to the folder where you saved the code file and open it with any browser that supports HTML 5.

Recommended browsers: Chrome/Firefox.

open game html file


Anyways, you can also download and copy the code in the Notepad snake game code PDF below.

DOWNLOAD Notepad snake game code PDF Here

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10 days ago

how do you change the controls for the game

Reply to  caleb
10 days ago

You cannot, it’s a simple HTML and JS game.

1 month ago

It worked well,but after the snake eats it shape doesn’t increase

Reply to  Kevin
1 month ago

But, the length increases right?

3 months ago

it works! u just need to take the html then copy it on a website btw make sure to delete all of the website’s html’s then put the snake html it will work!

4 months ago

it did not work for me 🙁

Reply to  im_a_coder
4 months ago

Have yo tried the second or third method yet? If not, use any of the other methods to activate.

Hussain Musah
4 months ago


Ware Elijah
5 months ago

Must I finish it before I open it on my browser

Reply to  Ware Elijah
5 months ago


1 year ago

How do I change the food’s color ? I figured out background and snake but how the squares that increse snake size

tawhid omg
1 year ago

can you make a gun game code

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