NNU Forum Registration – Read My Honest NNU V2 Review Before You Register

NNU forum registration and review 2019 – Have you heard about NNU V2, also called NNU forum?

Maybe or maybe not.

On this page, you are going to get the full details about what NNU forum review and whether to register on the platform or not.

I don’t want to bore you with too much stories, let’s begin right away!

Let me quickly show you something.

nnu forum review
My NNU v1 earnings (all with a one-time fee of N1,600 then – Now, it is N1,400 only!)


Is NNU v2 legit
Some of my earnings

And here are the number of members on NNU v1;

nnu forum members
Over 780,000 members!

MY BONUS FOR YOU (Limited Time Offer): For the first 100 people that register for NNU forum through my link, I will share you a secret e-book that will show you how I get over 50 referrals (=N50,000) monthly.

I will close this offer after 100 people and I’m sure the slot will be full in no time!

Don’t want to waste time doubting?Click here to register now for just N1,400!

The screenshots you see above are from NNU V1.

Over N500 million was paid by Paul Samson on NNU v1.

So, which one is NNU V2 also called NNU forum again?

NNU v2 was created by the same guy, Paul Samson.

However, the NNU v2 is better than NNU v1. Why?

You do not need referral(s) before you can get paid on NNU forum.

Trust me, getting referrals was not easy for many members (who do not know the secrets) on NNU v1.

And that’s why this second platform is a good news.

By just doing simple tasks, you can earn between N15,000 – N50,000 (depending on how active you are) even if you do not have a single referral!

And you will be paid everything!

Don't be a thomas, click here to begin NNU forum registration now [registration fee = N1,400 only!]

If you still don’t know how it works and you’ve never heard of NNU before, continue reading.

I am going to show you how NNU forum works now.

NNU Forum Review – What Is NNU Forum All About?

NNU stands for Nigeria News Update.

NNU forum is a Nigerian news website where members are paid for performing some simple tasks.

These tasks are SO SIMPLE that you perform them everyday on other websites without actually getting paid.

Now, NNU forum is going to pay you for doing these same stuffs.

Imagine someone ready to pay you for eating, or for sleeping.

Isn’t that the type of lazy youth income we all want to enjoy?

Anyway, NNU forum is a platform that will make that dream come true.

You know the best part?

You do not need ANY REFERRAL before you can be paid on NNU forum.

Referral is totally optional on NNU v2, that is what makes it better that NNU v1. The purpose is to help those who cannot get referral to earn and get paid too.

Isn’t that sweet?

Now, you may be wondering;

How exactly does NNU forum work before I register?

Here it comes.

How NNU Forum v2 Works – How I Personally Earn

1. Reading News On The Website:

When you read news daily, you get N10 each.

if you read 20 news, that’s about N200 daily.

2. Logging In:

You login on Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter and nobody pays you a dime!

Well, NNU forum is going to pay you N50 every time you login after completing your registration.

3. Sharing Viral Post On Facebook:

Every day, there will be a viral post available to be shared on Facebook by members.

If you share the post, you will be paid N100 daily.

Are you adding it? Next…

4. Commenting:

Do you know the number of times you have written a comment on someone’s picture or post on Facebook?

How much did Mark Zuckerberg pay you?

Nothing, right?

NNU will pay you N20 for every comment you post on the posts.

If you are a lazy Nigerian youth like me that can only comment on 20 posts, that is another N400 for you that day.

Doing these 4 stuffs alone will give you N5,000 weekly and N20,000 monthly without referral!

But, that’s not even all! 😛

5. Submitting Post:

Do you know about Nairaland?

Have you ever submitted a post on Nairaland?

If you don’t know about it, you have probably written a lot on Facebook, right?

Do you know that NNU forum will pay you N200 – N1,0000 for every of your approved post on the platform?

Minimum is N200 and it can be as high as N1,000 if the post is of high quality.

Now, tell me why referral should still be a problem.


6. Referring Others To Join:

For every referral that joins NNU through your affiliate link, you will be paid N1,000.

This is TOTALLY OPTIONAL and if you find it difficult to get referrals, the first 5 methods is already more than enough.

Why You Should Join NNU V2

Over 0.5 Billion Naira was paid on NNU V1.

And I also made over N200, 000 (I actually joined a bit late)

The v2 is designed for those who find it difficult to get referral to also earn and get paid.

DON’T FORGET: I am going to show the first 100 people to register through my link the SECRETS I personally use to draw in referrals for FREE.

In fact, there are already over 11,000 members on NNU V2 in less than a month of starting!


Do you know why? 

Simple! Paul Samson is a trusted guy and those who joined NNU V1 knows he will pay very well here too.

NNU Forum Registration Guide 2019 – How To Get Started

Step 1 – Go To The Sign Up Page

Visit the registration page by clicking here. You will be taken to a page like the one below.

nnu forum registration page

Step 2 – Fill Personal Details

Fill in your details like Name, phone number, email address, username (it could be your name, nickname or anything you like) and password.

Step 3 – Select Payment method

There are 2 payment methods:

  1. Paystack
  2. E-PIN

If you have ATM card (Mastercard/VISA/Verve), select the first payment method – Paystack.

You will then be required to enter your card details after you click on “Make payment”

paytack method

If you have cash, there are 2 ways to go about it.

You can select E-PIN and you will be required to enter your E-PIN.

How will you get your E-PIN?

Simple, see the images below. Those are the official NNU forum E-PIN distributors.

coupon sellers


e-pin distributors


how to buy nnu forum e-pin

Contact any of them on WhatsApp and transfer N1,400.

He/she will send you an E-PIN which you will enter on the registration page (if you are using E-PIN method).

And your registration will be activated.

Another way to complete your registration is to contact me on WhatsApp (+2348126412168).

I will give you my bank details to transfer N1,400.

You will also send your personal details (name, phone number, email) so I can register for you.

Then, I will pay for you using my ATM card and send you your login details.

Finally, you will login and change your password.

Use any of the 3 payment methods that you find comfortable and your account will be activated immediately.

The slot will soon be full. The offer is only for the first 100 people that complete their NNU forum registration through me.

The e-book will help you get over 20 referrals monthly!


If you register on NNU forum v2 using the link above, click here to contact me to get your free ebook.

That is all for now on NNU forum v2 review, I hope you enjoyed it.

Don’t forget to share this guide to help others too. If you have any question, feel free to use the comment section below.

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