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How to Block YouTube Ads on Android TV (PERMANENTLY!)

In this guide, I am going to show you how to block YouTube ads on Android TV permanently in just 2 minutes, step-by-step!

how to block YouTube ads on Android TV

Believe me, I’ve been there and I know it’s a very frustrating experience when you are trying to stream YouTube only to be bombarded with so much ads.

There is no time to waste, so let’s dive right in!

Android TV YouTube Ad Block

I had to look everything for Android TV YouTube ad block methods, and yes I did find more than one way to do that easily.

These methods will work on all Google, Hisense, Philips, TCL, Sony Bravia TV and Amazon Fire TV that run the Android OS. The same thing applied to Xiaomi MI TV or Box and Nvidia Shield TV.

Best part?

Blocking YouTube ads using the first method takes just 2 minutes, and all you need is just your Android Smart TV remote controller – nothing more!

Now, let’s take a quick look at how to block YouTube ads on Android TV permanently in 2022.

How to Block YouTube Ads on Android Smart TV

To block YouTube ads on Android Smart TV, go to Settings on your Android Smart TV, click on Network, select your connected Wi-Fi/ethernet network, switch from DHCP to Static, enter your IP address from your router, set network prefix length to 24 and change your DNS server to AdGuard DNS.

Yes, the first method is as easy as that.

Now, let’s look at how to do that (with screenshots).

METHOD 1: Use Adblock DNS Server

  • Turn on your Android Smart TV, go to Settings with your remote control.

click on Android TV settings icon

  • Click on Network

click on network

  • Under Network settings, select the Wi-Fi network/ethernet you are connected to

click on connected network and internet

  • Under the connected network, scroll down and click on IP Settings (Take note of your IP address)

click IP settings

  • Now, switch it from DHCP to Static

switch IP settings to static

  • On the next page, enter your IP address. Click on next arrow.

enter IP address

  • Now, on the gateway, enter your IP address again. Click on next arrow.

enter gateway IP

  • Set Network prefix length to 24.

set network prefix length to 24

  • Under DNS 1, change it to

enter DNS 1

  • Finally, change DNS 2 to Click on next arrow.
  • Now, you settings will be saved.

network settings saved successfully

  • Go back to your network and wait for it to be reconnected to the new DNS server and then restart your AndroidOS smart TV.

Now, open the YouTube app and the ads will no longer show on your Smart TV.

Understanding How This Method Works:

The DNS servers you changed to ( and are the current AdGuard DNS server. They offer an adblock service, and the way it works is they have a URL blacklist that blocks a number of URLs that these ads load from.

By changing your DNS server, you are essentially preventing these ads from loading on your AndroidOS TV because the URLs they require to load have been blocked.

Therefore, these ads including YouTube ads are blocked on your Android TV.

METHOD 2: Manually Block Ads on Router using Firewall

You can also block YouTube (and other) ads in Android TV from your firewall.

In this method, what you are trying to do is block the URLs where Android TV ads load from.

It’s kind of similar to the first method, expect that you are not making the change via DNS server here. Rather, you are block the URLs directly from your router firewall settings.

First, go ahead and login to your router dashboard via the login URL. 

Depending on the router you are using, you can find the login URL on the router label (some of the popular ones can be seen below):

  • Linksys –
  • D-Link/Netgear –
  • Belkin –
  • ASUS –
  • AT&T U-verse –
  • Comcast –

Now, go ahead and look for the URL filtering or blocking section. Of course, the location will very depending on which router you use.

Irrespective, you should find it easily under the Firewall or Security tab.

Once you find URL filtering or blocking, add the following URLs:

For all Android TVs (including Nvidia Shield TVs)

  • androidtvchannels-pa.googleapis.com
  • androidtvwatsonfe-pa.googleapis.com

In addition, you can also add the following URL to the block list depending on which Android TV model you are using:

For Xiaomi Mi Android TVs
  • mitv.tracking.intl.miui.com
  • tracking.intl.miui.com
  • data.mistat.intl.xiaomi.com
  • sdkconfig.ad.intl.xiaomi.com
For Android TVs
  • api-gps-em.hismarttv.com
  • auth-em.hismarttv.com
  • msg-em.hismarttv.com
  • api-launcher-em.hismarttv.com
  • auth-launcher-em.hismarttv.com
  • api-gps-na.hismarttv.com
  • auth-na.hismarttv.com
  • msg-na.hismarttv.com
  • api-launcher-na.hismarttv.com
  • auth-launcher-na.hismarttv.com
  • unified-ter-na.hismarttv.com
For Philips Android TVs
  • legacyportal.nettvservices.com
  • nettv.corio.com
  • ad.nettvservices.com
For Xiaomi MI Box or MI TV
  • mitv.tracking.intl.miui.com
  • tracking.intl.miui.com
  • data.mistat.intl.xiaomi.com
  • sdkconfig.ad.intl.xiaomi.com
For Sony Bravia TVs
  • ad8641f3cff742de893d919add74c2bb.ssm1.internet.sony.tv
  • ad8641f3cff742de893d919add74c2bb.ssm2.internet.sony.tv
  • api-mf1.meta.ndmdhs.com
  • b02.black.ndmdhs.com
  • bravia.dl.playstation.net
  • call.me.sel.sony.com
  • flingo.tv
  • sonybivstatic-a.akamaihd.net
  • facemap.foldlife.net
  • bdcore-apr-lb.bda.ndmdhs.com
  • tvsideviewandroidv2-cfgdst-ore-pro.bda.ndmdhs.com
  • api.cid.samba.tv
  • preferences.cid.samba.tv

But, what’s the catch?

The only issue here is that these ad URLs are updated from time to time. When this happens, you may start to see the ads again unless you update the list to include the new URL the ads are serving from.

Until then (and that can be a really long time), you will be free from these YouTube ads on your AndroidOS smart TV.

METHOD 3: Use a third-party YouTube app

If you didn’t know, there is an alternative third-party “YouTube” app that can be used without any ads at all on your Android TV.

I put Youtube in quote because the app does not use Google service (YouTube TV).

However, you will get the contents you get on YouTube on the app.

Good news?

It also supports 4K!

Even better one?

It has so many audio and video customization options that even the normal YouTube apps and you have so much to select from depending on your preferences. You can change audio frame rate, audio formats, video options, customize subtitles and many more.

The name of the app is Smart Tube Next and below is the procedure to install it.

  • First, open your Android TV browser app. If you don’t have any installed yet, go to the PlayStore

open Android TV Google Play store

install internet browser

  • Once installed, open it

open internet browser on TV

  • From here, click on the title or search bar and search for Smart Tube Next on Google or go to smarttubenext.com. From the official website or github page, download the stable release version. Once, downloaded, you need to install it. 
  • Now, you need to give permission to allow JioPages to install apps from unknown sources on your Android TV

allow app installation

  • Once it is installed, open it and you can enjoy YouTube contents without ads on your TV.

open smarttubenext app

As you can see below.

YouTube app without ads on Android TV

METHOD 4: Subscribe to YouTube Premium

Both methods that have been explained above will block a lot of ads on your Android TV, including ads that show when you are trying to watch YouTube on your Android TV (either before it loads or during streaming).

That said, you can also remove YouTube ads directly from YouTube that cause pauses in your streaming by subscribing to the YouTube premium version.

Once you login to your YouTube premium account from your Android Smart TV, you can stream YouTube videos smoothly.

Combine that with Android YouTube ads blocked with using either of the first 2 methods? You are so good to go!

And there you have it!

By now, you should have successfully blocked YouTube ads on your Android TV (Google TV, Hisense, Philips, Xiaomi MI TV or Box, Sony Bravia, TCL, Nvidia Shield TV or Amazon Fire TV) once and for all. In that case, let me know which of the methods you used in the comment section.

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